Handmade wooden toy helicopter plans

Handmade wooden toy helicopter

If you try hard, the result will be ideal.

1. Transfer drawing from tracing by a pen or a pencil.


Draw the straight lines with the help of a ruler.


Then transfer the rest samples left on the drawing:


2. Using a stab awl, make holes in places where you will need to cut them out by a fretsaw.


5 holes in total must be made. First you need to make holes, and only then cut by the contours afterwards.

3. Put the wire saw fixed in the fretsaw into the first hole of the future helicopter.

Screwing the upper detail out, fix the wire saw by a key. Keep the fretsaw straight, make a small cut and cut the first hole out, turning the plywood to the left and making a semi circle. As soon you’ve finished, unscrew the upper part of the fretsaw to put the wire saw into another hole. Cut the second and the third holes the same way. You must have the same results as shown on the picture: clip_image006

4. Cut the holes out in the lower part of the helicopter.

This time everything is simple: first cut out a straight line, then a semi-circle. When it is done, unscrew the upper part of fretsaw and put the wire saw out, putting in into another hole. Cut the second and the third holes the same way. You must have the same results as shown on the picture:


5. Cut out by contour.

To cut the details by contour, fix the wire saw in the upper part of the fretsaw. After that place the plywood on the machine and try to cut it out. First, cut the straight lines with corners in helicopter’s upper part. They must be not less than 3 mm, because we use three layer plywood. Follow the instructions on the picture below:


Cut this detail out. It must be this way:


Now it’s time to make the second detail. It is cut out just like the first one:


Cut it out, trying to make it look like on the picture below:


6. Cut the third detail out like the first two:


That’s what you get:


7. Now cut out the last two details.

First one:


Then the second:


You already have five details:


8. Now you have to process them with coarse-grain, and then with fine-grain abrasive paper.

This way:



The result:


9. Glue the details.

First, glue the upper partr of helicopter, this way:


Then the lower:


Then glue the upper and the lower parts together, and you get a helicopter:


That’s it.

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