Handmade wood toy truck plan

Handmade wood toy truck plan

To start the process, you will need to make a drawing on paper. When the order vof works is specified, you need to find suitable material of required dimrnensions and sizes.

Handmade wood toy truck plan

Cuttinh the wheels out, stick to the initial sizes.

Handmade wooden toys must save the proportions of their prototypes, and all details must look in harmony.

Spend your time on polishing the separate elements – that will testify your diligence and patience.

Connecting chassis with the drive, attach the cabine and the carbody, putting the nails exactly in the fixed places. Wheels must be able to turn, so don’t forget about the pins.

Handmade wood toy truck plan

Bracings for the front wheels muct be fixed at 2 cm from the frame, while the back wheels must be placed a bit further – at 6.5 cm from the edge. After that, paint the craft and cover it with wood finish.

A license plate or a flag waving on the wind will look curiously and colorful.

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