Toy Plans DIY

Toy Wooden Bulldozer


Kids know quite a bit about playing, after all they work pretty hard at it. And if there is one thing we adults know about kids at play, it’s that they rarely pass up an opportunity to play in dirt, which perhaps explains why a toy like this will always be popular. After all, a […]

Handmade wood toy truck plan


To start the process, you will need to make a drawing on paper. When the order vof works is specified, you need to find suitable material of required dimrnensions and sizes. Cuttinh the wheels out, stick to the initial sizes. Handmade wooden toys must save the proportions of their prototypes, and all details must look […]

Handmade wooden tractor plans: drawing


Arm yourself with instruments and fantasy – it’s time to make a tractor. First, prepare the drawing for the future craft, looking at its general view attentively. Define the general sequence of assembling, basic tractor details and prepare all requied instruments and materials. Preparing all the details, polish them with abrasive paper. Don’t leave uneven […]

Handmade wooden rocking horse plan


To make this toy, you will need: · A plywood or a furniture board 20-30 mm thick; · Rake graft; · Wooden pins; · Wood screws; · fretsaw; · borer; · glue. Sequence of actions Transfer the drawing from paper to the board Using a fretsaw, cut all details out by contours and make holes […]

Handmade wooden deer toy plan: drawing


An easy workpiece. Try to cut it out. To dio that, you will need: · Clean plywood or solid wood 3 mm thick, · A Wooden ruler · Hard pensils, · Abrasive paper, · needle point files, · a fretsaw, · a stab awl or a hand drill with a bore bit . Since this […]

Handmade wooden toy helicopter plans


If you try hard, the result will be ideal. 1. Transfer drawing from tracing by a pen or a pencil.   Draw the straight lines with the help of a ruler. Then transfer the rest samples left on the drawing: 2. Using a stab awl, make holes in places where you will need to cut […]

Handmade wooden chess plan: drawings


These chess pieces can be made on one’s own. Plywood or solid wood 3-6 mm thick will do for that. Work sequence 1.Draw the contours of chess pieces. 2.Using a fretsaw, cut out as many chess pieces as shown on the drawing. 3.Polish the figures with sandpaper. 4.Attach chess details (glue the figures with round […]

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